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About Me

Hello, and welcome to my little store.

My name is Hope. I live in a small town in South East NSW, Australia. I have enjoyed being creative for as long as I can remember and find it necessary for maintaining my sanity!

My main love now is patchwork and quilting. I am brimming with ideas and have notebooks and scraps of paper full of quilt sketches. I hope to make them all one day and gradually turn each one into a pattern. 

My pattern designs are aimed at all levels of sewer and written with beginners in mind. I want my patterns to do more than teach you to make one quilt, I want them to provide you with useful information you can take with you and use on your quilting journey. 

That's why my patterns provide you with tips along the way. If it's applicable to the design, I also show you how to make a block any size you like. I will often include design variations and mini quilt patterns and other extras at no extra cost. 

I'm so excited by the thought of other people making what I have designed. I hope you enjoy the patterns I come up with and have fun making them your own. 

To see what other sewing I get up to, find useful information and the occasional tutorial, head to my blog at hopesquiltdesigns.blogspot.com

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